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moat 0.1.0

A simple authorization API for Python.

A simple authorization API for Python.


First, mix the UserMixin and ResourceMixin with your User class and the resources you want to provide authorization for.

from moat import ResourceMixin, UserMixin

class Post(ResourceMixin):

    def type(self):
        return self.__class__.__name__

    def identifier(self):

class User(UserMixin):

    def identifier(self):

Now implement the methods specified in the base Repository class to retrieve the permissions from the datastore. Pass in an instance of the repository to the main Moat class.

Now you can check whether a user is actually authorized to do certain things:

from moat import Moat, Permissions
from moat.repositories import MockRepository

moat = Moat(MockRepository())

# Now you can check if a user has a specific permission for a certain object.
moat.has(, user, post)
moat.has(Permission.write, user, post)

# Remove the permission
moat.remove(Permission.write, user, post)

# Set the permission, again
moat.set(Permission.write, user, post)

# Or get all the ids of type of resources the user has permissions for
moat.all(, user, Post)
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