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mobile-map-downloader 0.1.6

Download maps for mobile devices over broadband, with a personal computer.

Latest Version: 0.1.11

Mobile Map Downloader is a command line program to download maps from the Internet and install them on mobile devices, such as smart phones. The program is intended to run on a (personal) computer, that has a fast and cheap Internet connection, and a large hard disk. The downloaded maps are also stored on the personal computer.

The software is currently in beta state. It can be productively used by adventurous people, or semi experts. Expect it to lack some functionality, to crash often, and to sometimes do unwanted things.

Currently the offline map programs OsmAnd and Oruxmaps are supported:

Maps can be installed from Osmand and from Openandromaps, which means there is currently only one source of maps for each program:

If you find any errors, or if you have good ideas for the program, please put them into the project’s issue tracker:


Open a terminal, get administrator/root privileges and type:

pip install mobile-map-download --pre -U

Alternatively you can install the program with Virtualenv. With Virtualenv you don’t need root privileges, and can delete the program from your computer without a trace:

virtualenv virtualenv/  #can use any name for the directory
cd virtualenv
source bin/activate
pip install mobile-map-download --pre -U


List the maps of France, that the program can download:

dlmap lss "*France*"

Patterns with wildcards should be quoted, because the shell might fill them in.

Install maps of France for OsmAnd, on a certain device:

dlmap -m /var/run/media/eike/1A042-B123/ install "osmand/France*"

The program has a built in help facility, detailed information about its changing set of features has to be taken from it:

dlmap -h

Each subcommand has its own help message:

dlmap install -h


The program is written in the Python programming language, version 2.7. Contributions of code are very welcome. The program has currently only been tested on Linux. It uses however no Linux specific functionality, so porting to other operating systems should be easy.

Development is coordinated on Github:

The issue tracker for errors and good ideas is here:
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
mobile-map-downloader-0.1.6.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-08-20 21KB