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modoco 1.3.0

MoinMoin wiki configured as document control


This package must be installed in a virtualenv

export VENV='myEnv'
virtualenv $VENV
source $VENV/bin/activate
pip install modoco

Because of the way pip resolves dependencies this can sometimes fail because MoinMoin is not installed early enough - in that case install it manually in your virtualenv with pip install 'moin>=1.9,<2.0' and then repeat pip install modoco.

You can safely ignore errors referring to failure to build the wheel.

Start server

If you have pip installed mod_wsgi, you can then run modoco straight away using mod_wsgi-express:

mod_wsgi-express start-server $VENV/share/moin/moin.wsgi &

Start using modoco

  • Navigate to localhost:8000/ and login using the superuser credentials found in $VENV/share/moin/
  • Read the HelpOnModoco page
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