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moecache 1.0

A memcached client with a different shading strategy

Package Documentation

moecache is a pure python client for memcached. Its binary protocol and shading strategy are compatible with EnyimMemcached (a C# memcached client), so that you are can read/write an EnyimMemcached-managed memcached deployment in Python.

The project is forked from memcache_client, a minimal and robust python memcached client from Mixpanel, Inc.

The API looks very similar to the other memcached clients:

import moecache

with moecache.Client([("", 11211), ("", 11213)],
                     timeout=1, connect_timeout=5) as mc:
    mc.set("some_key", "Some value")
    value = mc.get("some_key")
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moecache-1.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2016-04-08 6KB