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moke 1.1.6

moke is not like make

Latest Version: 1.1.9

Moke transforms a Python module into a command line script. Every function can become a sub-command, with options inferred from the argument list and the optional doc string.

A command line application that greets exactly two persons. (put the following into a file called

from moke import task, log

def greet(who, shout=False, times=1):
    Sends greetings from moke.

     - who(str2) two persons to greet
     - shout(switch) triggers CAPS

    greetings = ("Hello %s and %s!" % (who[0], who[1])) * times
    if shout:
        greetings = greetings.upper()
    print greetings
    log("greeted: %s and %s" % (who[0], who[1]), INFO)

if __name__ == "main":

Execute the mokefile by calling moke:

moke greet --shout -times 2 Mary Kate

this returns:

2011-09-30 14:12:52,815 moke (version 1.0.0)
2011-09-30 14:12:52,815 cwd: "/home/.../moke/test/scripts"
2011-09-30 14:12:52,815 mokefile: "/home/.../moke/test/scripts/"
2011-09-30 14:12:52,815 task: greet
2011-09-30 14:12:52,815 params: ('who', ['Mary', 'Kate']) ('shout', True) ('times', 2)

If you forgot what your does, just ask for help:

moke --help

usage: [-h] [-ls LS] [-ll {info,warn,error}] [-lf {tab}]
  {greet} ...

positional arguments:
    greet               Sends greetings from moke.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -ls LS                (file_a) [default: <stderr>] logging stream
  -ll {info,warn,error}
                        (str) [default: info] logging level
  -lf {tab}             (str) [default: tab] logging format

Sub-command specific help is also generated:

moke greet --help

usage: greet [-h] [--shout] [-times TIMES] who who

positional arguments:
  who           (str) two persons to greet

optional arguments:
  -h, --help    show this help message and exit
  --shout       (switch) triggers CAPS
  -times TIMES  (int) [default: 1]

Now it’s time to start your own Mokefile:

moke new [filename]

Which creates a skeleton file for you:

$ moke new Mokefile
moke: *** Created /...path.../Mokefile
moke: *** Running 'moke Mokefile --help'

Have fun!

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