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mom-utils 1.2

Python utilities for the GFDL's numerical model MOM

Latest Version: 1.2.6


This is a collection of Python utilities for the MOM, a numerical model developed by GFDL/NOAA

Support and Documentation

Quick howto use

To install:

pip install mom-utils

Some uses:

  • The input.nml do not require any order, so it is usually not fun to compare two different input.nml. This command is different then a regular diff, since it doesn't care about the order of the variables. The output show what is different, or what is defined in only one of the files.

    mom_namelist compare input.nml input2.nml

  • Inside python, one can read an input.nml setup, change one parameter, and write into another input2.nml like this:

    nml_text = open('input.nml', 'r').read()

    cfg = mom_utils.nml_decode(nml_text)

    cfg['ocean_model_nml']['dt_ocean'] = 7200

    output = open('input2.nml', 'w')


  • Some namelists/parameters changed or disapear between MOM4 and MOM5. The task "check" evaluates if all namelists/parameters in the input.nml are declared in the code.

    mom_namelist check --momsrc=mom/src myexperiments/exp1/input.nml


mom-utils is offered under the PSFL.


Guilherme Castelão <> Luiz Irber <>



  • mom4_namelist renamed to mom_namelist.
  • New task "check" for mom_namelist.

before 1.1.4

  • mom4_namelist: An application to parse and manipulate the input.nml
  • Including some documentation
  • First release was some point at 2011, I'm not sure when.
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