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monet.calendar.event 0.5.1

An advanced Event type for Plone with additional date fields and features like days exceptions and week days

Latest Version: 0.5.4


This product is a replacement of the basic Plone Event content type.

Is the main part of the suite, but you can use it freely as indipendent product.

It provides a lot of additional field, developed for the City of Modena public event management system. Apart new content data, and an image field, you can now choose:

  • Cadence - weekdays where the event really happen
  • Except - specific days where the event is not available
  • Including - specific days where the event is available (apart from other filters)
  • …other

Some of the new fields in the event editing form

Also, the “event type” field is now a closed list of values (see below for customization).


From ZMI you need to customize the event_types property inside the monet_calendar_event_properties property sheet.


Used as it is, all the recurring information are no more that data inside the content. Please see the Monet Calendar suite for knowing how to use it.


This product replace the Plone basic Event content type. You can still continue using old Events, but additional fields will be available only for future contents.


For “Except” days selection, rt.calendarinandout widget is needed

Plone 3.3 or better is needed.

Migrating from older release

If you have a Plone site where you used and old version of monet.calendar.event (older than 0.4) you probably need to add to your buildout the historical monet.recurring_event (0.7 or better.)


Developed with the support of:

All of them supports the PloneGov initiative.


This product was developed by RedTurtle Technology team.


0.5.1 (2014-03-24)

  • Fixed GMT timezone error while converting DateTime object when calc start and end [keul]

0.5.0 (2014-02-19)

Plone 4.3 compatibility while dropped Plone 3 support

  • images now stored on blob ( support). Also added the monetevent-blob-migration migration view [keul]
  • end date is always at the end of the day (near to the midnight) [keul]
  • start and end date are not required anymore; you can simply provide one or more “Including” dates [keul]

0.4.3 (2012-04-17)

  • removed the ATFieldProperty usage for “title” field [keul]

0.4.2 (2012-04-13)

0.4.1 (2012-01-11)

  • removed ATFieldProperty for description field [keul]

0.4.0 (2011-12-06)

  • removed deprecated compatibility code for Plone 3.2 [keul]
  • removed dependency from monet.recurring_event, importing it’s code in the base_recurring_event module [keul]
  • added a new Including field, for adding specific days where the event is held, ignoring all other filters [keul]
  • added a new EventDuration KeywordIndex that index all days where the event occurs [keul]
  • fixed the setter for the except field, must be always a list [mirco]
  • fixed the Plone 4 compatibility [mirco]
  • hide the viewlet plone.belowcontentbody into the event view template [mirco]

0.3.3 (2011-08-09)

  • moved vocabulary translation into monet.calendar.location package [mirco]

0.3.2 (2011-07-29)

  • removed languageIndipendent attribute from the field “time” [mirco]

0.3.1 (2011-04-28)

  • moved install extension method from to [mirco]

0.3.0 (2011-03-18)

  • first public release
  • added documentation [keul]

0.2.0 (2011-02-07)

  • Plone 4 compatibility [keul]
  • some code refactorging [keul]
  • egg clean-up [keul]
  • product has is own browserlayer and also register the monet.recurring_event ones [keul]
  • added egg dependency for monet.recurring_event [keul]
  • register the getEventType column and index [keul]

0.1.3 (2010-10-19)

  • event view modifications

0.1.2 (2010-09-15)

  • News translation [keul]


  • Help text fields on the form #80 [fdelia]


  • Initial release
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