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mongonose 0.5.2

Nose plugin for automating mongodb for tests runs.

A nose plugin that automates the creation and teardown of a mongodb instance as part of test runs.


Grab the package off pypi:

easy_install mongonose

Its automatically picked up via entry points as a nose plugin.


The plugin extends the nose options with a few options. The only required options are either –mongodb or –mongodb-bin to enable the plugin.

  • –mongodb can be used to enable the mongodb plugin if the mongod

    is on the default pass, else specifying mongodb-bin is nesc, and will also enable the plugin.

  • –mongodb-bin Allows specifying the path to the mongod binary. If not specified the plugin will search the path for a mongodb binary. If one is not found, an error will be raised.

  • –mongodb-port can be optionally set, by default the plugin will utilize a a random open port on the machine.

  • –mongodb-scripting Enables the javascript scripting engine, off by default.

  • –mongodb-logpath Stores the server log at the given path, by default sent to /dev/null

  • –mongodb-prealloc Enables pre-allocation of databases, default is off. Modern filesystems will sparsely allocate, which can speed up test execution.

The plugin will populate the environment variable “TEST_MONGODB” which contains the location to the mongodb server in host:port format.

Tests should use this environment variable value when connecting to mongodb.


  • support replica sets


Kapil Thangavelu
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
mongonose-0.5.2.tar.gz (md5) Source 2012-12-10 4KB