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mongotor 0.0.3

(MongoDB + Tornado) is an asynchronous driver and toolkit for accessing MongoDB with Tornado

Latest Version: 0.1.0

# What is MongoTor ?

(MONGOdb + TORnado) is an asynchronous toolkit for accessing ``MongoDB`` with ``Tornado``.

## Features

* ``ORM`` like to map documents and fields
* Advanced connection management (``replica sets``, slave okay)
* Automatic ``reconnection``
* Connection ``pooling``
* Support for running database commands (``find``, ``find_one``, ``count``, ``sum``, ``mapreduce`` etc...)
* ``Signals`` for pre_save, post_save, pre_remove, post_remove, pre_update and post_update
* 100% of code coverage by test

## Documentation

Visit our online [documentation]( for more examples

## Why not pymongo ?

[PyMongo]( is a recommended way to work with MongoDB in python, but isn't asynchronous and not run inside de tornado's ioloop. If you use pymongo you won't take the advantages of tornado.

## Why not asyncmongo ?

[AsyncMongo]( is an asynchronous library for accessing mongo with tornado.ioloop, but don't implement replica set, don't have an ORM, I don't like her connection poolin, and i don't trust in your tests.

Besides, this project is not walking very well, or better, very fast. Exist a lot of issues and pull requests that aren't looked.

I am very thankful to asyncmongo, i worked with it in some projects and it's been served as inspiration, but now, I am very excited to write my own library, more flexible, fast, secure and that will walking faster.

## Installing

pip install mongotor

## Simple usage

import tornado.web
from tornado import gen
from mongotor.database import Database
from bson import ObjectId

class Handler(tornado.web.RequestHandler):

def initialize(self):
self.db = Database.connect('localhost:27017', 'mongotor_test')

def get(self):
user = {'_id': ObjectId(), 'name': 'User Name'}
yield gen.Task(self.db.user.insert, user)

yield gen.Task(self.db.user.update, user['_id'], {"$set": {'name': 'New User Name'}})

user_found = yield gen.Task(self.db.user.find_one, user['_id'])
assert user_found['name'] == 'New User Name'

yield gen.Task(self.db.user.remove, user['_id'])

## Support to ReplicaSet

import tornado.web
from tornado import gen
from mongotor.database import Database
from mongotor.node import ReadPreference
from bson import ObjectId
import time

class Handler(tornado.web.RequestHandler):

def initialize(self):
# configuring an replica set
self.db = db = Database.connect(["localhost:27027", "localhost:27028"], dbname='mongotor_test',

def get(self):
user = {'_id': ObjectId()}

# write on primary
yield gen.Task(self.db.user.insert, user)

# wait for replication

# read from secondary
user_found = yield gen.Task(self.db.user.find_one, user['_id'])
assert user_found == user

## Using ORM

from mongotor.orm import collection, field
from mongotor.database import Database

from datetime import datetime
import tornado.web
from tornado import gen

# A connection to the MongoDB database needs to be
# established before perform operations
Database.connect(['localhost:27017','localhost:27018'], 'mongotor_test')

class User(collection.Collection):
__collection__ = "user"

_id = field.ObjectIdField()
name = field.StringField()
active = field.BooleanField()
created = field.DateTimeField()

class Handler(tornado.web.RequestHandler):

def get(self):
user = User() = "User name" = True
user.created =

yield gen.Task(

# update date = "New name"
yield gen.Task(user.update)

# find one object
user_found = yield gen.Task(User.objects.find_one, user._id)

# find many objects
new_user = User() = "new user name" = True
new_user.created =

users_actives = yield gen.Task(User.objects.find, {'active': True})

users_actives[0].active = False
yield gen.Task(users_actives[0].save)

# remove object
yield gen.Task(user_found.remove)

## Contributing

Write tests for your new feature and send a pull request.

For run mongotor tests install mongodb and do:

# create a new virtualenv
mkvirtualenv mongotor

# install dev requirements
pip install -r requirements-dev.txt

# start mongo
make mongo-start

# configure replicaset
make mongo-config

# run tests
make test

## Issues

Please report any issues via [github issues](  
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