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monupco-openshift-python 1.9 registration agent for OpenShift / Python applications registration agent for OpenShift / Python applications.

It compiles a list of locally installed Python packages and sends it to

Installing on your OpenShift application

Create an account at <>

Create a Python application on OpenShift

rhc-create-app -a myapp -t python-2.6

Add a dependency in your file

from setuptools import setup


Set your userID in the ./data/MONUPCO_SETTINGS file

cd ./myapp/
echo "export MONUPCO_USER_ID=YourUserID"       >  ./data/MONUPCO_SETTINGS

OpenShift by default will treat your application as a package. If the name given in is different from the name passed to rhc-create-app command then set the application name in the ./data/MONUPCO_SETTINGS file

echo "export MONUPCO_APP_NAME='MyApplication'" >> ./data/MONUPCO_SETTINGS

This registration script will ignore package names that match the value of OPENSHIFT_GEAR_NAME and MONUPCO_APP_NAME environment variables.

Enable the registration script in .openshift/action_hooks/post_deploy

# Activate VirtualEnv in order to use the correct libraries
source $OPENSHIFT_GEAR_DIR/virtenv/bin/activate

# Set user defined settings

# Register/update the application
python $OPENSHIFT_GEAR_DIR/virtenv/bin/monupco-openshift-python

Then push your application to OpenShift

git push

That’s it, you can now check your application statistics at <>

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monupco-openshift-python-1.9.tar.gz (md5) Source 2012-05-04 3KB