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more_collections 0.3.0

more_collections is a Python library providing more collections (multisets, orderable multisets, hashable dictionaries, ...).

This package provides some more collections than the standard collections package.

The package currently provides:

  • puredict/frozendict - a functionally pure and immutable dictionary that is even hashable, if all keys and values are hashable.
  • multiset/frozenmultiset - a multiset implementation
  • orderable_multiset/orderable_frozenmultiset - a multiset implementation for orderable carriers so that multisets of those elements themselves are orderable, even including nestable_orderable_frozenmultiset which is a multiset-ordering-extension that gives a total ordering for arbitrarily nested multisets over an orderable carrier.

If you want to see any more collections, contact me, open a ticket (I’ll happily implement it) or send in a patch.

See for a full guide and more information.

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
more_collections-0.3.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2015-09-29 3KB