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morepath 0.2

A micro web-framework with superpowers

Latest Version: 0.18.1

Morepath: Python web microframework with super powers

Morepath is a Python web framework. An application consists of
*models*. Each type of model is published on a URL *path*. Content is
exposed to the web using *views*.


.. _Documentation:


0.2 (2014-04-24)

- Python 3 support, in particular Python 3.4 (Alec Munro - fudomunro
on github).

- Link generation now takes ``SCRIPT_NAME`` into account.

- Morepath 0.1 had a security system, but it was undocumented. Now it's
documented (docs now in :doc:`security`), and some of its behavior was slightly tweaked:

* new ``verify_identity`` directive.

* ``permission`` directive was renamed to ``permission_rule``.

* default unauthorized error is 403 Forbidden, not 401 Unauthorized.

* ``morepath.remember`` and ``morepath.forbet`` renamed to
``morepath.remember_identity`` and ``morepath.forget_identity``.

- Installation documentation tweaks. (Auke Willem Oosterhoff)

- ``.gitignore`` tweaks (Auke Willem Oosterhoff)

0.1 (2014-04-08)

- Initial public release.  
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