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mosfit 0.6.0

Modular software for fitting semi-analytical model predictions to observed astronomical transient data.

Latest Version: 0.7.20

MOSFiT (Modular Open-Source Fitter for Transients) is a Python 2.7/3.x package that performs maximum likelihood analysis to fit semi-analytical model predictions to observed transient data. Data can be provided by the user, or can be pulled automatically from the Open Supernova Catalog by its name, and thus the code can be used to fit any supernova within that database, or any database that shares the format described in the OSC schema (such as the Open TDE Catalog or the Open Nova Catalog). With the use of an optional upload flag, fits performed by users can then be uploaded back to the aforementioned catalogs.


MOSFiT is available on pip, and can be installed in the standard way:

pip install mosfit

To assist in the development of MOSFiT, the repository should be cloned from GitHub and then installed into your Python environment via the file:

git clone
python install

Using MOSFiT

For detailed instructions on using MOSFiT, please see our documentation on RTD:

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
mosfit-0.6.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2017-05-19 2MB