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mozdownload 1.11.1

Script to download builds for Firefox and Thunderbird from the Mozilla server.

Latest Version: 1.14

# mozdownload

[mozdownload]( is a [python package]( which handles downloading of Mozilla applications.

## Command Line Usage

The mozdownload command will download the application based on the provided command line options.

### Examples

Download the latest official Firefox release for your platform:

mozdownload –version=latest

Download the latest Firefox Aurora build for Windows (32bit):

mozdownload –type=daily –branch=mozilla-aurora –platform=win32

Download the latest official Thunderbird release for your platform:

mozdownload –application=thunderbird –version=latest

Download the latest Earlybird build for Linux (64bit):

mozdownload –application=thunderbird –type=daily –branch=comm-aurora –platform=linux64

Download this README file:

mozdownload –url=

Download a file from a URL protected with basic authentication:

mozdownload –url= –username=admin –password=password

Run mozdownload –help for detailed information on the command line options.

### Command Line Options

<kbd>-h, --help</kbd> show this help message and exit
<kbd>-a <var>APPLICATION</var>, --application=<var>APPLICATION</var></kbd>
 The name of the application to download, default: “firefox”
<kbd>-d <var>DIRECTORY</var>, --directory=<var>DIRECTORY</var></kbd>
 Target directory for the download, default: current working directory
 Number of the build (for candidate, daily, and tinderbox builds)
<kbd>-l <var>LOCALE</var>, --locale=<var>LOCALE</var></kbd>
 Locale of the application, default: “en-US”
<kbd>-p <var>PLATFORM</var>, --platform=<var>PLATFORM</var></kbd>
 Platform of the application
<kbd>-t <var>BUILD_TYPE</var>, --type=<var>BUILD_TYPE</var></kbd>
 Type of build to download, default: “release”
<kbd>--url=<var>URL</var></kbd> URL to download. Note: Reserved characters (such as &) must be escaped or put in quotes otherwise CLI output may be abnormal.
<kbd>-v <var>VERSION</var>, --version=<var>VERSION</var></kbd>
 Version of the application to be used by release and candidate builds, i.e. “3.6”
 File extension of the build (e.g. “zip”), default: the standard build extension on the platform.
 Username for basic HTTP authentication.
 Password for basic HTTP authentication.
 Number of times the download will be attempted in the event of a failure, default: 3
 Amount of time (in seconds) to wait between retry attempts, default: 10
 Amount of time (in seconds) until download times out

Candidate builds: Extra options for candidate builds.

<kbd>--no-unsigned</kbd> Don’t allow to download unsigned builds if signed builds are not available

Daily builds: Extra options for daily builds.

 Name of the branch, default: “mozilla-central”
 ID of the build to download
<kbd>--date=<var>DATE</var></kbd> Date of the build, default: latest build

Tinderbox builds: Extra options for tinderbox builds.

<kbd>--debug-build</kbd> Download a debug build

## Running the tests

To run the tests, run ./

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