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mp3-tagger 1.0

ID3 data editor

This Python package allows to access ID3 tags in MP3 files. There are the usual operations such as set, get, update, delete.

Supported ID3 versions:

  • 1.x
  • 2.2
  • 2.3
  • 2.4


from mp3_tagger import MP3File, VERSION_1, VERSION_2, VERSION_BOTH

# Create MP3File instance.
mp3 = MP3File(path_to_mp3)

# Get/set/del tags value.
 alb = mp3.album
 mp3.album = 'some title..'
 del mp3.album

Allowed tags:

    - artist;
    - album;
    - song;
    - track;
    - comment;
    - year;
    - genre;
    - band (version 2.x);
    - composer (version 2.x);
    - copyright (version 2.x);
    - url (version 2.x);
    - publisher (version 2.x).

# Get all tags.
tags = mp3.get_tags()

{'ID3TagV1': {'song': 'Prowler', 'artist': 'Iron Maiden', 'album': 'Iron Maiden',
'year': '1980', 'comment': None, 'track': 1, 'genre': 'Other'},
'ID3TagV2': {'artist': 'Iron Maiden', 'band': 'Iron Maiden', 'album': 'Iron Maiden',
'song': 'Prowler', 'track': '1/9', 'genre': 'Heavy Metal', 'year': '1980'}}

# By default selected tags in both versions.

# Change to 2.x version.

# For 1.x version

# After the tags are edited, you must call the save method.
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