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mpld3 0.0.1

D3 Viewer for Matplotlib

Latest Version: 0.3

This is an interactive D3js-based viewer which brings matplotlib graphics to the browser. Please visit []( for documentation and examples.

You may also see the [blog post](, or the [IPython notebook examples]( available in the notebooks directory of this repository.


mpld3 requires [jinja2]( version 2.7+ and [matplotlib]( version 1.3+.

Optionally, mpld3 can be used with [IPython](, and requires version 1.1+.

To install the library system-wide, download the source and type

[~]$ python install

Or, to install locally, use

[~]$ python install –prefix=/path/to/location/

Then make sure your Python path points to this location.

Trying it out

The package is pure python, and very light-weight. You can take a look at the notebooks in the examples directory, or run, which will create a set of plots and launch a browser window showing interactive views of these plots.

For a more comprehensive set of examples, see the [IPython notebook examples]( available in the examples directory.

Test Plots

To explore the comparison between D3 renderings and matplotlib renderings for various plot types, run the script This will generate an html page with the D3 renderings beside corresponding matplotlib renderings.


### Currently Supported

Currently the support of matplotlib features is very limited. The code supports the following:

  • multiple axes, placed correctly on the figure
  • lines and scatter plots created with plt.plot, plt.scatter, etc.
  • grid lines and their properties
  • title and axis labels
  • patches (i.e. shapes like histograms, etc.)
  • polygons (filled plots, etc.)
  • some collections (scatter plots, etc.)
  • interactive plugins such as tooltips (see

### TODO List

There are many features still missing, and they range from fairly straightforward to fairly difficult.

  • tick specification & formatting
  • some legend features
  • twin axes (i.e. multiple scales on one plot) tied together
  • additional tools, such as box-zoom

If any of these look like something you’d like to tackle, feel free to submit a pull request!

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