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mr.anderson 1.1.1

Plone testing matrix builder utility


A commandline utility for building Plone testing instances. It was created to aid in automated testing of packages in the Plone landscape.

This package provides a script called redpill. The script is used to create a Plone configuration. See redpill --help for more information.

Using redpill without any options will create configuration for the latest released version of Plone 4.


The name was choosen by Eric Steele (esteele).

The author is Michael Mulich (pumazi).


1.1.1 (2011-10-27)

  • Moved the templates from the static directory to a templates directory. [pumazi]
  • Fixed PloneConfig to handle None values for the plone version, extends and distributions. [pumazi]

1.1 (2011-10-26)

  • Configure the Plone 4.x.cfg to use ${buildout:eggs} rather than ${instance:eggs} so that bin/test can be called without additional options. [pumazi]
  • Added configuration of Plone 3.x. [pumazi]

1.0 (2011-10-25)

  • Using the multi-line configuration value indent style rather than one line with multiple values. [pumazi]

1.0b1 (2011-10-21)

  • Write the script to the build directory. [pumazi]
  • Write out the base.cfg with the specified Plone version. [pumazi]
  • Generalize the Plone major version configuration into a single template file. [pumazi]
  • Added the --latest option to use the latest of whatever major/minor Plone version. [pumazi]
  • Added the --extend-with option to allow for additional configuration (e.g. sources.cfg, good-py, versions.cfg, etc.). [pumazi]
  • Added the --distributions option to allow for the addition of eggs (a.k.a. Python distributions). [pumazi]

1.0a1 (2011-10-21)

  • Initial release. [pumazi]
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