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mrs-mapreduce 0.8

A lightweight MapReduce implementation for computationally intensive programs

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Latest Version: 0.9

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Welcome to the Mrs-MapReduce Documentation page!

Mrs (pronounced "missus") is a lightweight implementation of MapReduce. The
name derives from the practice of referring to MapReduce programs by the title
"mister" (e.g., "Mr. Wordcount"). The name "Mrs" is a natural variation on
"Mr" and much more memorable and pronounceable than an arbitrary acronym.

Mrs is a MapReduce implementation that aims to be easy to use and reasonably
efficient. It is written in Python and where possible builds on existing
solutions to remain lightweight. Python 2 (>=2.5) and Python 3 are supported.
Mrs is licensed under the GNU GPL.

The `MapReduce paper <http:"" archive="" mapreduce.html="">`_ provides
an introduction to MapReduce. The `examples/
<http:"" p="" mrs-mapreduce="" source="" browse<br="">/examples/>`_ file shows the Mrs WordCount based on the
corresponding program described in the paper.

Helpful resources include:

* the `Mrs project page <http:"" p="" mrs-mapreduce=""/>`_ (for bug reports and enhancement requests)

* the `Mrs mailing list <http:"" group="" mrs-mapreduce="">`_ (for questions and discussion)


About Mrs:
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Installation and use:
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Development docs:

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