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msisdn-cli 1.0

MSISDN Gateway CLI tool.

This little CLI tool let you validate both MT and MOMT flow using MSISDN server.

To start a MT Flow:

msisdn-cli -H \
    -c 310 -n +1xxxxxxxxxxx

To start a MOMT Flow:

msisdn-cli -H -c 310

You can also create a certificate to then try to register on a Service Provider such as Loop.

To do so add an –audience parameter and a –login-endpoint you can also provide some –data or –json to be POST with your registration request:

msisdn-cli -H -c 310 -n +1xxxxxxxxxxx \
           --json '{"simplePushURL": ""}'

If you want you can just display the cURL command using –dry-run:

msisdn-cli -H -c 310 -n +1xxxxxxxxxxx \
           --json '{"simplePushURL": ""}' --dry-run

The msisdn-cli script will then build you an assertion and write down a curl command to run to make sure it works.

You can also use the -v, –verbose command to display the assertion.

You should get a 200 OK status code with a Hawk-Session-Token header.

If not, here are the error messages you can get:

  • “Certificate expired”: you play too long with this curl command,

    ask for a new certificate

  • “Invalid audience”: The Service Provider doesn’t accept this audience

    It can be either a misconfiguration on the server or you trying the assertion to a wrong server.

  • “Issuer not trusted”: The MSISDN server that generate your certificate

    is not trusted on this Service Provider. It can be either a misconfiguration or you trying the assertion to a wrong server.

  • Something else? Please make a PR to add it here.

Don’t forget to use msisdn-cli -h to get more help.


make install
source .venv/bin/activate
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
msisdn-cli-1.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2015-02-03 5KB