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msrest 0.4.18

AutoRest swagger generator Python client runtime.

Latest Version: 0.4.26


To install:

$ pip install msrest

Release History

2017-10-26 Version 0.4.18


  • Add ApiKeyCredentials class. This can be used to support OpenAPI ApiKey feature.
  • Add CognitiveServicesAuthentication class. Pre-declared ApiKeyCredentials class for Cognitive Services.

2017-10-12 Version 0.4.17


This make Authentication classes more consistent:

  • OAuthTokenAuthentication is now a subclass of BasicTokenAuthentication (was Authentication)
  • BasicTokenAuthentication has now a “set_token” methods that does nothing.

This allows test like “isintance(o, BasicTokenAuthentication)” to be guaranted that the following attributes exists:

  • token
  • set_token()
  • signed_session()

This means for users of “msrestazure”, that they are guaranted that all AD classes somehow inherits from “BasicTokenAuthentication”

2017-10-05 Version 0.4.16


  • Fix regression: accept “set<str>” as a valid “[str]” (#60)

2017-09-28 Version 0.4.15


  • Always log response body (#16)
  • Improved exception message if error JSON is Odata v4 (#55)
  • Refuse “str” as a valid “[str]” type (#41)
  • Better exception handling if input from server is not JSON valid


  • Add Configuration.session_configuration_callback to customize the requests.Session if necessary (#52)
  • Add a flag to Serializer to disable client-side-validation (#51)
  • Remove “import requests” from “” for apps that require fast loading time (#23)

Thank you to jayden-at-arista for his contribution

2017-08-23 Version 0.4.14


  • Fix regression introduced in msrest 0.4.12 - dict syntax with enum modeled as string and enum used

2017-08-22 Version 0.4.13


  • Fix regression introduced in msrest 0.4.12 - dict syntax using isodate.Duration (#42)

2017-08-21 Version 0.4.12


  • Input is now more lenient
  • Model have a “validate” method to check content constraints
  • Model have now 4 new methods:
    • “serialize” that gives the RestAPI that will be sent
    • “as_dict” that returns a dict version of the Model. Callbacks are available.
    • “deserialize” the parses the RestAPI JSON into a Model
    • “from_dict” that parses several dict syntax into a Model. Callbacks are available.

More details and examples in the Wiki article on Github:—Serialization-change


  • Better Enum checking (#38)

2017-06-21 Version 0.4.11


  • Fix incorrect dependency to “requests” 2.14.x, instead of 2.x meant in 0.4.8

2017-06-15 Version 0.4.10


  • Add requests hooks to configuration

2017-06-08 Version 0.4.9


  • Accept “null” value for paging array as an empty list and do not raise (#30)

2017-05-22 Version 0.4.8


  • Fix random “pool is closed” error (#29)
  • Fix requests dependency to version 2.x, since version 3.x is annunced to be breaking.

2017-04-04 Version 0.4.7


  • Refactor paging #22:

    • “next” is renamed “advance_page” and “next” returns only 1 element (Python 2 expected behavior)
    • paging objects are now real generator and support the “next()” built-in function without need for “iter()”
  • Raise accurate DeserialisationError on incorrect RestAPI discriminator usage #27

  • Fix discriminator usage of the base class name #27

  • Remove default mutable arguments in Clients #20

  • Fix object comparison in some scenarios #24

2017-03-06 Version 0.4.6


  • Allow Model sub-classes to be serialized if type is “object”

2017-02-13 Version 0.4.5


  • Fix polymorphic deserialization #11
  • Fix regexp validation if ‘\w’ is used in Python 2.7 #13
  • Fix dict deserialization if keys are unicode in Python 2.7


  • Add polymorphic serialisation from dict objects
  • Remove chardet and use HTTP charset declaration (fallback to utf8)

2016-09-14 Version 0.4.4



In order to get paging fixes for impacted clients, you need this package and Autorest > 0.17.0 Nightly 20160913

2016-09-01 Version 0.4.3


2016-08-15 Version 0.4.2


2016-08-08 Version 0.4.1


2016-05-25 Version 0.4.0

This version has no bug fixes, but implements new features of Autorest: - Base64 url type - unixtime type - x-ms-enum modelAsString flag

Behaviour changes

  • Add Platform information in UserAgent
  • Needs Autorest > 0.17.0 Nightly 20160525

2016-04-26 Version 0.3.0


Behaviour changes

  • Needs Autorest > 0.16.0 Nightly 20160426

2016-03-25 Version 0.2.0


Behaviour changes

  • Needs Autorest > 0.16.0 Nightly 20160324

2016-03-21 Version 0.1.3


2016-03-14 Version 0.1.2


2016-03-04 Version 0.1.1


2016-03-04 Version 0.1.0

Behavioural Changes

  • Removed custom logging set up and configuration. All loggers are now children of the root logger ‘msrest’ with no pre-defined configurations.
  • Replaced _required attribute in Model class with more extensive _validation dict.


  • Removed hierarchy scanning for attribute maps from base Model class - relies on generator to populate attribute maps according to hierarchy.
  • Base class Paged now inherits from collections.Iterable.
  • Data validation during serialization using custom parameters (e.g. max, min etc).
  • Added ValidationError to be raised if invalid data encountered during serialization.

2016-02-29 Version 0.0.3


2016-02-19 Version 0.0.2


  • Fixed bug in exception logging before logger configured.

2016-02-19 Version 0.0.1

  • Initial release.
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