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msumastro 0.9.6

Process FITS files

This software was developed primarily to process the files coming off the Paul P. Feder Observatory at Minnesota State University Moorhead. We needed to do several things:

  • Add in some essential meta-data (like LST, JD, AIRMASS) that isn’t added by the software that grabs the images.
  • Add astrometry using
  • Rummage through a tree of directories containing images and create, for each directory, a table of user-configurable image information (e.g. file name, filter, image type, object)

There is one generally useful piece: image collections

ImageFileCollection has been moved to ccdproc.

It is marked as deprecated in msumastro version 0.9 and will be removed in the next release.

Make a collection by providing the name of a directory and a list of the FITS keywords you want the collection to make a table of (or * for all keywords in any of the files):

>>> from msumastro import ImageFileCollection
>>> ic = ImageFileCollection('path/to/my/directory', keywords='*')

Then you can easily iterate over all of the HDUs (well, primary HDUs), headers and/or data, filtering by FITS keyword values (* represents any value):

>>> for hdu in ic.hdus(imagetyp='LIGHT', object='M101'):
>>>     pass

If you don’t mind a bit of hidden magic, the iterator will also automatically save a copy of each FITS file it acts on if you tell it where you want the new files to go:

>>> for hdu in ic.hdus(save_location='some/other/directory', imagetyp='LIGHT', object='M101'):
>>> = 2 *   # modified HDU automatically saved

Documentation is at

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