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multipolynomial_bases 1.1

Sage implementation for bases of multipolynomials

This package implements different bases of the algebra of multivariate polynomials using SageMath. This work has been started in 2010 and was distriuted in the Sage-combinat experimental package which does not exist anymore. That is why we know offer it as an extra Sage package.


Easy way

$ sage -pip install multipolynomial_bases

From source

Download the source from the github and run this command from the repo root:

$ sage  -pip install --upgrade --no-index -v .

Equivalently, you can use the Makefile install command:

$ make install


Once installed, you can use it in sage by importing the features:

sage: from multipolynomial_bases import *
sage: A.<x> = MultivariatePolynomialAlgebra(QQ)
sage: A
The Multivariate polynomial algebra on x over Rational Field


The (partially written) documentation is available here.

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
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