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muon 0.0.6

Static blog generation program

Muon is a static site generator, similar to Jekyll:, but with a few important differences:

  • There are only two dependencies (Jinja2 and Markdown) - everything else is included with Python
  • It’s written in Python
  • It’s BSD licensed (Jekyll is MIT licensed)

These may or may not be reasons to use Muon over Jekyll, but they are things to think about if you want to fork Muon.

Getting Started

Install the PyPI package using pip:

# pip install muon

Initialise a default blog:

$ mkdir my_blog
$ cd my_blog
$ muon init
$ ls
_posts   _style   _templates   config.ini   static

Start a web server on localhost:

$ muon serve
Serving at

And that’s it! You can also (if you’ve configured rsync in config.ini) upload the site to a web server on a remote machine set up to serve static content - no special WSGI or CGI containers needed!

$ muon upload
sending incremental file list

Writing Posts

If you follow the example post, writing a post is very easy - the post syntax is literally Markdown - no bells or whistles added or removed. The first three lines must have some specific things in them, however:

  • Line 1 must contain one octothorpe, then the title (e.g “#My Title”)
  • Line 2 must contain two octothorpes, then the date in YYYY-MM-DD format (e.g. “##2014-12-08”)
  • Line 3 must contain “<!—” followed by a comment, followed by “–>”

This is all valid Markdown, but it is vital that you follow the example post precisely for the first three lines, or things will break. The filename of the post is unimportant, but must end in “.markdown”. Bear in mind that the posts are processed in lexicographic order, not the order they were written in. If you want a post to appear after another post in the archive, name it such that it is lexicographically “after” it.

A good naming scheme is “YYYY-MM-DD-title.markdown”, and is the one I use. You could equally use “X-title.markdown”, where X is a number. The actual content of the title, other than “.markdown” and its lexicographic ordering, is irrelevant.

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