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musa 2.0.1

Module for music tagging and library management

Latest Version: 4.2.4

# Musa Music Library Management Tools for Python #

This module implements some python classes for music library management, including command line scripts to use these tools. All code is implemented in python under module ‘musa’.

This module used to be called ‘banana’. Since ‘musa’ is both ‘music’ in Finnish and the genus of bananas, I found it appropriate to rename the module when the trees were moved to github and code reorganized in general.

# Incompatibility Note #

This code base is heavily refactored from earlier musa 1.x series and is not compatible with it. If you need the older code base for your project, please contact author for old versions not tracked on github.

# Using the scripts #

The scripts are being rewritten as subcommands of ‘musa’ utility. Stay tuned.

I’m working on the new version slowly during evenings and weekends, so don’t get too excited waiting for something functional.