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muto-client 0.2.7

muto is a client/server system for cloud-based image manipulation in Django projects


**muto** is a client/server system for cloud-based image manipulation in
[Django] projects. It uses [easy-thumbnails] for the manipulation part and
[boto] for accessing and storing images on [S3].

This is the client part. The server package is called [muto-server].


You can install the package from PyPI using pip or easy_install:

$ pip install muto-client

Or you can install from the latest source version:

$ git clone git://
$ cd muto-client/
$ python install

Add `muto` to your `INSTALLED_APPS` in ****:

# ...

Create the database tables:

If you use [South]:

$ python migrate muto


$ python syncdb


There are a few configuration settings you can set in your ****:

* `MUTO_REDIS_URL` – The URL to your [muto-server]'s Redis instance (defaults to `redis://:6379`)
* `MUTO_AWS_STORAGE_BUCKET_NAME` - The S3 bucket used to store and retrieve images (falls back to `AWS_STORAGE_BUCKET_NAME` if not defined)
* `MUTO_AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID` and `MUTO_AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY` – Your S3 credentials used to upload to S3 (fall back to `AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID` or `AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY` respectively if not defined)


Use `MutoField` in your models (in ****):

from django.db import models
from muto import transformer
from muto.fields import MutoField

class MyModel(models.Model):
image = MutoField()

Register your model with the *muto transformer* (also in ****):

transformer.register(MyModel, 'image')

You should see a new section called **Muto** in your *Django Admin*. There you
can create *image version definitions*. The options value should be a
JSON-serialized kwargs dict that will be handed over to [easy-thumbnails]. An

"size": [640,480],
"quality": 65,
"bw": true

Now every time you create a new `MyModel` instance or change one, the muto
server will create image versions of the corresponding image and upload them to



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