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mutornadomon 0.1.9

Library of standard monitoring hooks for the Tornado framework

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**┬Átornadomon** is a library designed to be used with Tornado web applications. It adds an endpoint
(`/mutornadomon`) to HTTP servers which outputs application statistics for use with standard metric

In general, to use it you do something like

from mutornadomon.config import initialize_mutornadomon
import signal


application = tornado.web.Application(...)
collector = initialize_mutornadomon(application)

def shut_down(*args):

for sig in (signal.SIGQUIT, signal.SIGINT, signal.SIGTERM):
signal.signal(sig, shut_down)

If you want to add your own metrics, you can do so by calling the `.kv()` or
`.count()` methods on the collector object at any time.

The HTTP endpoint is restricted to only respond to request from loopback.  
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mutornadomon-0.1.9.tar.gz (md5) Source 2015-01-22 5KB
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