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mwevents 0.1.0

Standardized public MediaWiki events for tools and Science.

MediaWiki events

Wiki-tool builders & researchers rely on various sources of information about what’s happened and is currently happening in Wikipedia. These data sources tend to be structured in differently and contain incomplete or poorly structured information. Some datasources are queryable, but require complexity to “listen” to ongoing events while others are intended to only be used to “listen” to current events. ”MediaWiki events” is designed to minimize the frustration involved in process MediaWiki’s events.

Instal with pip: pip install mwevents

Note: Use of this library requires Python 3 or later.

Documentation: Comming soon!

from mwevents.sources import API
from mwevents import RevisionSaved, PageCreated

api_source = API.from_api_url("")
listener = api_source.listener(events={RevisionSaved, PageCreated})

for event in listener:
    if isinstance(event, RevisionSaved):
    else: # isinstance(event, PageCreated):

About the author

name:Aaron Halfaker


None yet. See Pull requests are encouraged.

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