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naf 0.3.2

Notify At Finish allows you to pass an arbitrary shell command as an argument and get a nice notification when the command finishes.


Daily programming tasks, such as code compilation and running automated tests, often consumes a lot of time even on rather small projects.

While alt-tabbing away from the command you just started, this simple tool will help you to get back on your development track as soon as possible.

Saving you minutes every day :)


On Linux with pip:

sudo pip install naf

On Mac OS X with pip (with Growl installed):

sudo pip install growl-py
sudo pip install naf

On Windows: In theory, naf should work on Windows wth Growl for Windows ( and growl-py installed. I would highly appreciate any feedback on this.

From source:

git clone git://
cd naf
sudo python install


naf mvn clean install

This will run mvn clean install and notify you when the command has exited with the exit code it returned.


Customizations can be made by creating a file ~/.naf.conf.

Default configuration:

description = finished successfully
 in %s
timeout     = -1
show        = true

description = failed with return code %s
 in %s
timeout     = -1
show        = true

description = was aborted after
timeout     = -1
show        = true
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
naf-0.3.2.tar.gz (md5) Source 2012-06-28 6KB