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nameko 1.2.1

service framework supporting multiplemessaging and RPC implementations

Latest Version: 2.8.5

Nameko [nah-meh-koh] (noun)

  1. amber-brown mushroom with a slightly gelatinous coating that is used as an ingredient in miso soup and nabemono.
  2. python framework for building service orientated software


  • Quickly build, host and deploy services
  • Highly declarative, let’s you concentrate on your business logic
  • RPC, Events (Pub-Sub) and AMQP Messaging out-of-the-box
  • Extensible, so you can write your own service interactions

Getting Started:

The best way to appreciate nameko’s features is to use them in some simple examples. Follow the getting started tutorial in the docs to do just that.


Nameko is using Sphinx, and the latest documentation can be found here:


Nameko requires an AMQP broker and is tested with RabbitMQ.

The RabbitMQ tutorials are very good and serve as an excellent introduction to messaging and AMQP.


Stable releases of nameko are available on the Python Package Index ( PyPI). Install it using pip or easy_install:

  • pip install -U nameko
  • easy_install -U nameko


Nameko is developed on GitHub, primarily by the development team at onefinestay. The GitHub repository is

You are welcome and encouraged to contribute comments, suggestions, patches and feature requests.


Apache 2.0. See LICENSE for details.

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