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ndg-oauth-client 0.6.0

OAuth 2.0 client

This is an OAuth 2.0 client library and WSGI middleware filter.



  • Clean up of password-based authentication of client by authorization server
  • Removal of redundant MyProxy hooks


New pseudo release to keep in sync with ndg_oauth_server package versioning. No changes from 0.4.0. New ndg_oauth_server 0.5.1 contains enhancements from W van Engen including support for password based authentication for clients. See ndg_oauth_server package for details.


  • Revised examples in ndg.oauth.client.examples. bearer_tok uses bearer token to secure access to a simple html page on a resource server, slcs is an example protecting a short-lived credential service aka Online Certificate Authority. This requires the ContrailOnlineCAClient package and should be used in conjunction with the equivalent example in the ndg_oauth_server example.
  • Revised ndg.oauth.client.lib.oauth2client.Oauth2Client to include support for bearer access token passed in Authorization header to resource server.


This has been developed and tested for Python 2.6 and 2.7.


Installation can be performed using easy_install or pip.


Examples are contained in the examples/ sub-folder:

This configures a simple test application that uses string based tokens.
Bearer token example protecting a Short-Lived Credential Service or OnlineCA. ContrailOnlineCAService package is needed for this example.

The examples should be used in conjunction with the ndg_oauth_server package.

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