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nensbuild 0.4

One step buildout build.

NENS Build

.. image::

At Nelen & Schuurmans_ we use a couple commands to get a development environment
up and running::

git clone repo
cd repo
ln -s development.cfg buildout.cfg

There are more commands that could be eliminated::

bin/django syncdb
bin/django migrate

This is a code smell according to the book Clean Code. A build should
have three steps at the most::

git clone repo
cd repo

This python packages aims to solve this by eliminating the symlink, bootstrap and buildout commands::

git clone repo
cd repo

.. _Nelen & Schuurmans:


- Roland van Laar started this library

Changelog of nens-build

0.4 (2013-02-05)

- Add sysegg check. This depends on the new syseggrecipe.
- Drop python2.6 support (again). subprocess.check_output is nw in python 2.7.

0.3 (2012-12-22)

- Add travis-ci support.
- Use bash as shell for running buildout. Fixes an issue with running nensbuild
on a Vagrant virtual box. Fixes gh-1.

0.2 (2012-12-15)

- Fix classifiers for release on pypi.

0.1 (2012-12-15)

- Remove use of external python libraries.
- Add unittests.
- Initial project structure created with nensskel 1.29.  
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