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neokami-sdk 0.2

Python sdk for Neokami API

Neokami Python SDK v0.2

This SDK allows you to connect your Python web-applications to the Neokami SDK.

In order to use the SDK, you need to obtain a free API Key from


  • via pip:

    pip install neokami-sdk

    Inside your python project

    import neokami


Here is a simple usage example for gender & age detection for images:

import os
import neokami

req = neokami.ImageAnalyser()
directory = os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__))
req.setFile(directory + '/data/team1.jpg')
req.setApiKey('your api key here')
analysis = req.analyse()

#get the results
results = analysis.result()

Chained function calls are also supported for syntax brevity:

import os
import neokami

directory = os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__))
analysis = neokami.ImageAnalyser().setApiKey(NeokamiTestCredentials.api_key).setFile(directory +'/data/team1.jpg').setType('gender').analyse()

For in-depth details on how to use the SDK, check out:

Neokami Wiki


  • To run the tests, the pytest package is required:

    Install pytest

    pip install -U pytest # or
    easy_install -U pytest
  • Create a NeokamiTestCredentials.python inside the tests/ folder based on the template in NeokamiTestCredentials.python.replace and enter your API Key.

    Repository contributors can apply for api keys to be used inside unit tests at

  • The tests can be executed by running:



Coming soon.

Release History


  • Send API key on the header.
  • Add Visual Cortex.
  • Add Sentiment Analysis.


  • HTTPS connection for the base url.


  • Birth.
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