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netius 1.3.12

Netius System

Latest Version: 1.16.30

Series of network related libraries for the rapid creation of non blocking async server and clients. The aim of this project is to create a platform for creation of customized servers and clients for specific and pre-defined purposes using simple inheritance techniques.

Performance is considered to be one of the main priorities of the project as it should be possible to replace a native code stack with netius equivalents. PyPy should provide the extra speed required for these kind of (speed savy) use cases.


pip install netius


WSGI Server

import netius.servers

def app(environ, start_response):
    status = "200 OK"
    contents = "Hello World"
    content_l = len(contents)
    headers = (
        ("Content-Length", content_l),
        ("Content-type", "text/plain"),
        ("Connection", "keep-alive")
    start_response(status, headers)
    yield contents

server = netius.servers.WSGIServer(app = app)
server.serve(port = 8080)


For more information consult the website.

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