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netscaler-tool 1.27.4

Nitro API tool for managing NetScalers.

System Requirements

  • Python >= 2.6 and Python < 3
  • Python modules are in requirements.txt

NetScaler Requirements

  • Known to work with NS9.3 and NS10.1
  • System user account that has appropriate access
  • Depending on your use case, you might only need a system user that has read-only permissions


From PyPI


  • Don’t forget to modify /etc/netscalertool.conf after installation

    sudo pip install netscaler-tool
    sudo mkdir -p /var/log/netscaler-tool
    sudo touch /var/log/netscaler-tool/netscaler-tool.log
    sudo chown <user>:<group> /var/log/netscaler-tool/netscaler-tool.log
    sudo chmod <mode> /var/log/netscaler-tool/netscaler-tool.log
    sudo wget -O /etc/netscalertool.conf

From RPM


  • Please replace <tag> with the version you wish to use
  • The rpm will create:
    1. A sample /etc/netscalertool.conf that needs to be modified
    2. Directory /var/log/netscaler-tool. It is up to you to create /var/log/netscaler-tool/netscaler-tool.log with the correct permissions
  1. Download tar.gz specific version of the repo
  2. Use included rpm spec (python-netscalertool.spec) file and newly downloaded tar.gz file to build a rpm
    1. tar xzvf netscaler-tool-\<tag\>.tar.gz netscaler-tool-\<tag\>/python-netscalertool.spec

From Source

  1. git clone
  2. cd netscaler-tool
  3. sudo python install
  4. sudo mkdir -p /var/log/netscaler-tool
  5. sudo touch /var/log/netscaler-tool/netscaler-tool.log
  6. sudo chown <user>:<group> /var/log/netscaler-tool/netscaler-tool.log
  7. sudo chmod <mode> /var/log/netscaler-tool/netscaler-tool.log
  8. sudo cp netscalertool.conf.example /etc/netscalertool.conf
  9. Modify /etc/netscalertool.conf


  1. Update user to a NetScaler system user
  2. Update passwd for the NetScaler system user
  3. (Optional)
    • Update manage_vservers with a list of vserver you want to manage
    • Update external_nodes with a script that returns a newline separated list of nodes that are allowed to be managed. If not set, all nodes are manageable


The netscaler-tool is really just a wrapper around If you would like to write your own tool, but not have to worry about interacting with the NetScaler Nitro API, you can use

The netscaler-tool can take -h or –help optional argument at anytime:

./ --help
usage: [-h] [--user USER] [--passwd PASSWD] [--nodns]
                        [--debug] [--dryrun]
                        NETSCALER {show,stat,compare,enable,disable,bounce}

positional arguments:
  NETSCALER             IP or name of NetScaler.
    show                sub-command for showing objects
    stat                sub-command for showing object stats
    compare             sub-command for comparing objects
    enable              sub-command for enable objects
    disable             sub-command for disabling objects
    bounce              sub-command for bouncing objects

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --user USER           NetScaler user account.
  --passwd PASSWD       Password for user. Default is to fetch from
  --nodns               Won't try to resolve any NetScaler objects
  --debug               Shows what's going on
  --dryrun              Dryrun

./ show --help
usage: NETSCALER show [-h]


positional arguments:
    lb-vservers         Shows all lb vservers
    lb-vserver          Shows stat(s) of a specified lb vserver
    cs-vservers         Shows all cs vservers
    server              Shows server info
    servers             Shows all servers
    services            Shows all services
    primary-node        Shows which of the two nodes is primary
    ssl-certs           Shows ssl certs and days until expiring
    saved-config        Shows saved ns config
    running-config      Shows running ns config
    system              Shows system counters

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
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