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networkx_viewer 0.2.0

Interactive viewer for networkx graphs.

NetworkX Viewer provides a basic interactive GUI to view networkx graphs. In addition to standard plotting and layout features as found natively in networkx, the GUI allows you to:

  • Drag nodes around to tune the default layout
  • Show and hide nodes
  • Filter nodes
  • Pan and zoom
  • Display nodes only within a certain number of hops (“levels”) of a “home node”
  • Display and highlight the shortest path between two nodes. Nodes around the path can also be displayed within a settable number of levels
  • Intelligently find and display nodes near displayed nodes using “Grow” and “Grow Until” functions
  • Use attributes stored in the graph’s node and edge dictionaries to customize the appearance of the node and edge tokens in the GUI
  • Mark nodes and edges for reference
  • Support for both nx.Graph and nx.MultiGraph

See for more details

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