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neutron_radware_lbaas 2.20.00-13

Radware driver for Openstack Neutron LBaaS service

This is the Radware driver for OpenStack Neutron LOADBALANCER service, HAVANA release.

In order to activate Radware’s lbaas provider, perform following steps:

  1. Install the neutron_radware_lbaas package by executing the following command:

    pip install neutron_radware_lbaas

  2. Open the neutron configuration file named neutron.conf, located under /etc/neutron directory. Under [service_providers] section, next to Haproxy LOADBALANCER provider, add new line, declaring the Radware LOADBALANCER provider.

    service_provider = LOADBALANCER:Radware:neutron_radware_lbaas.driver.LoadBalancerDriver:default

    To keep the HAproxy provider as a default LOADBALANCER provider, remove the attribute :default from the Radware LOADBALANCER provider line. Otherwise, remove the :default attribute of the HAproxy LOADBALNCER provider line.

  3. Add new section called [radware] at the end of the file. Add following Radware LOADBALANCER parameters under the section:

    vdirect_address = < Your vDirect server IP address >

  4. For additional Radware LBaaS configuration parameters, please see the documentation

  5. Restart the neutron-server service

Following is an example of neutron.conf file after editing:

[service_providers] service_provider=LOADBALANCER:Radware:neutron_radware_lbaas.driver.LoadBalancerDriver

[radware] vdirect_address=< Your vDirect server IP address >

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