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nidhogg 3.5.0

wrapper interface to Netapp filers

Nidhogg is a wrapper interface to Netapp filers accross versions and technologies (sevenmode, vserver) using the native Netapp REST API. It provides a consistent interface for the most common operations.

Installing nidhogg

You can install nidhogg using:

pip install nidhogg

nidhogg requires Python >= 2.7 or Python >= 3.4.

Please help out

This project is still under development. Feedback and suggestions are very welcome and I encourage you to use the Issues list on Github to provide that feedback.

Feel free to fork this repo and to commit your additions. For a list of all contributors, please see the file AUTHORS.txt.

You will need py.test to run the tests.

License terms

Nidhogg is published under the permissive terms of the MIT License, see the file LICENSE.txt. Although the MIT License does not require you to share any modifications you make to the source code, you are very much encouraged and invited to contribute back your modifications to the community, preferably in a Github fork, of course.


import nidhogg
filer = nidhogg.get_netapp("", "<username>", "<password>")
filer.create_qtree("volume_name", "qtree_name")

Attention: The username must be allowed to access the NetApp REST API.


Look at the API documentation.

Planned further work

  • support snapmirror methods for Netapp vserver mode
  • add EMC Isilon wrapper

Nidhogg? Is this an acronym? Or what!?

No acronym, go to

If you want to use it as an acronym, use this:

Nifty Interface Developed by Handsome Odoriferous Gentle Geeks

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