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niftools-sphinx-theme 0.0.7

A sphinx theme created to mimick


Via Python Package Interface

Download the package or add it to your requirements.txt file:

pip install niftools_sphinx_theme

In your file:

import niftools_sphinx_theme
html_theme = "niftools_sphinx_theme"
html_theme_path = [niftools_sphinx_theme.get_path()]

or (since v0.2.5):

html_theme = "niftools_sphinx_theme"

Via git or download

Download the niftools_sphinx_theme folder into your documentation at docs/_themes/ then add the following two settings to your Sphinx file:

html_theme = "niftools_sphinx_theme"
html_theme_path = ["_themes", ]


The theme’s project-wide options are defined in the niftools_sphinx_theme/theme.conf file of this repository, and can be defined in your project’s via html_theme_options.

For example:

html_theme_options = {
    'home': '',
    'projects': 'https://',
    'blog': '',
    'forums': '',
    'youtube': 'CHANNEL_ID',
    'twitter': 'TagnumElite',
    'discord_id': 'Discord Server/Guild ID',
    'discord_invite': 'Discord Server/Guild Invite Url',
    'travis': 'user/repo',
    'appveyor': 'user/repo',
    'jenkins': 'user/repo',
    'coveralls': 'user/repo',
    'github': 'user/repo',
    'pypi': 'niftools_sphinx_theme'

If home is not specified in the theme_options it turns into the documentation home. If home is specified then there is a new option called Documentation on the navbar.



  • Re-Implement Bootstrap TOC to override Local TOC
  • TODO: Fix Global TOC (Made the global toc have an octicon for testing)
  • Enable the semi-broken TOC Affix


  • Updated Classifiers
  • Made badges bool enabled
  • Updated Docs


  • Add some more styling
  • Add travis support
  • Start work on a doc


  • Removed Un-needed files and code
  • Moved CSS and JS into macros
  • Moved JS to the bottom
  • Improved TOC


  • Fix description typo
  • Improve Header
  • Fix Project Classifiers
  • Move Script Import into head so that if a script breaks the whole thing doesn’t fail to import other scripts
  • Add more badges


  • Add Readme


  • Turn jekyll theme into sphinx theme
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