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nikeplusapi 0.4.1

Export nikeplus data to CSV format

# Nikeplus data export

The purpose of this project is to export your
[nike plus]( data to CSV format.

## Install

- Install package with the standard `pip` workflow:
- `pip install nikeplusapi`

- Install package for development:
- git clone repositiory
- cd into repository
- `pip install .` OR `python develop` OR `python install`

Now you should have a top-level script called `nikeplusapi`.
Run `nikeplusapi -h` to verify install worked properly.

## Usage

1. The only requirement for this script is the NikePlus API access token. You
can get your token by logging into the
[Nike developer site]( with your Nike+
account credentials.
2. You can pass your token via the command-line `-t` option or store it in your
home directory in a file called `.nikeplus_access_token` that will be read
automatically when the script executes.
3. This script will output the CSV data directly to `stdout` so you can easily
re-direct this to a file with the following:
`nikeplus > backup.csv`.  
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