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nive 1.0rc2

Nive base package

# Nive application base package
This is the base package. Please refer to 'nive_cms', nive_userdb'
or 'nive_datastore' for functional applications.

## Version
The package will soon be released as stable 1.0 version. For a better package management the previous
`nive` package has been split up into several smaller packages.

If you are updating from version 0.9.11 or older please read `update-0.9.11-to-1.0.txt`.
Version 0.9.12 is compatible.

## Source code
The source code is hosted on github:

### The form module nive.components.reform
The reform package is a merge of deform and colander and includes several changes
to make form handling easier. Please see nive.components.reform.README.txt for details.

### Translations
Translations can be extracted using lingua>=3.2

> pip install lingua-3.2
> bin/pot-create -o nive/locale/nive.pot nive

- maintenance and bugfixes
- many improvements

- refactored previous package nive -> nive, nive_cms, nive_userdb
see packages.txt for changed imports

This ('nive') is now the base used for the different applications
packages 'nive_cms', nive_userdb' and 'nive_datastore'. Install
one of these to get the application you are looking for.

Preparation for 1.0 release

- new sessionuser with limited functionality for caching
- added serialize and deserialize callback option
- user identity field added
- enabled non-class functions as event callbacks
- nive.utils.dataPool2.connections refactored
- added support to view.Assets() for url links e.g.
- bugfixes and improvements

- maintenance and bugfixes
- added IFileStorage interface for file classes used to read and store file data
- renamed cms.pages.skipColumn parameter to addColumnContents
- extended definitions.ViewModuleConf with renderer attribute as default for views
- HTMLForm action button postfix changed to class var actionPostfix
- nive.container: added afterAdd event, renamed beforeCreate -> beforeAdd

- bugfixes: sort and ajax response
- improved column integration
- css and js assets configureable design.configuration.assets
- cms editor widgets css updates
- added sort and cut, copy, paste tests

- editor ui improvements
- welcome message
- scaffolds improved
- mysql tests improved
- bugfixes

- scaffold base64 password bugfix
- converted cmsview javascript to jquery plugin
- added cmseditor.js, removed pe.js and overlay.js
- added cmseditor.css, removed pe.css
- added Undo() on sql execute exceptions

- bugfixes and smaller updates
- serialization and deserialization of lists to json
- added forms.JsonSequenceForm
- added controlset option for list form fields

The first beta release. Finally, all major features are included in this release.

- Boostrap css framework used for the default design
- Responsive selectors added to box forms and html rendering
- Fulltext search
- Ctrl-key disables links in edit mode
- Updated scaffold for sqlite and mysql
- many fixed issues and cleanup
- code moved to github repository  
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
nive-1.0rc2.tar.gz (md5) Source 2016-03-10 1MB