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nmapy 0.7a

Notify My Android module/script

Latest Version: 1.0

Notify My Android Module

Implements the NMA API as
an importable module or
shell script.

from nmapy import Nma

nma = Nma()
if nma.verify( "apikey" ):
if not nma.notify( ["apikey1","apikey2"],"application text", "event text",
"description text", priority = 1, url = "",
content_html=True ):
`handle error`

or as a shell script

./ --help

./ --mode verify --apikey `key`
./ --mode notify --apikey ( `key`,`key`,etc ) or additional `--apikey` arguments

This version requires a current release of python 2.7 series.

A second module will be developed for python 3 users.