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nosql 0.0.1

NoSQL ORM for relational db backed by SQLAlchemy

`nosql` is a schemaless ORM for relational db backed by SQLAlchemy.

It's ultermately an implementation of the schemaless ORM introduced by Bret Taylor.

No instruction is better than real code! Say you are building a `Flask` app.

import nosql
from app import db

class User(nosql.SchemalessModel):
        engine = db.engine
        indexes = (


user = User() = '' = 'Yixi Zhang'

# find returns a generator
>>> [ for user in User.find()]
['Yixi Zhang']

# find_one returns an instance, support any attribute
>>> User.find_one(email='').name
Yixi Zhang

# added_id & id is auto-generated

>>> user.added_id

# retrieve non-exist attr returns None
>>> user.idol

>>> user.delete()

>>> list(User.find())

Because `nosql` creates index tables, querying random attribute is fast.

Some todo's for index

* `index_updater` allows indexes to be added later on and schedule data pushing in the background.
* `sharding` on index.

Database Support
So far only tested `SQLite` and `PostgreSQL`

Do whatever you want. Hope you enjoy using it.
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