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notedown 1.0.3

Convert markdown to IPython notebook.

Latest Version: 1.5.1

[notedown] is a simple tool to create [IPython notebooks][ipython] from markdown.

[ipython]: [notedown]:


notedown > output.ipynb


pip install notedown

It is really simple and separates your markdown into code and not code. Code goes into code cells, not-code goes into markdown cells.

Fenced code blocks annotated with a language other than python are read into cells using IPython’s %% [cell magic][].

[cell magic]:

### Why?

I don’t know. Maybe you prefer writing in markdown.

### What notedown does not do:

  • run code cells
  • embed figures

### Conversion from notebook to markdown

Converting from an IPython notebook to markdown is done using nbconvert:

ipython nbconvert notebook.ipynb –to markdown

The IPython markdown export is currently quite basic, so you can’t expect to convert markdown -> notebook -> markdown and get back your original markdown.

### Running an IPython Notebook

You can open the notebook in your browser with

ipython notebook your_notebook.ipynb

and use Cell -> Run all in the menu.

You can run notebooks non-interactively from the command line using [runipy][]:

pip install runipy runipy your_notebook.ipynb

### TODO

  • [x] support more markdowns
  • [ ] allow other cell types?
  • [x] allow different language code cells (using %%lang magic)
  • [ ] allow code attributes? pass to cell creator?
  • [x] code block format agnostic (fenced / indented)
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