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nuke 2.2.0

Command line tool to nuke a directory

Command line tool for nuking a directory 💥.


Installing nuke is intended to be super easy. The only dependency is a supported Python interpreter. You can get nuke via pip:

$ pip install nuke

nuke is supported for Python versions 2.7, 3.5 & 3.6+.


The most common usage of nuke is when you wish to recreate a build directory for a build program such as CMake.

To use nuke, you just call nuke from the command line and specify the directory you wish to nuke:

$ nuke path/to/directory

If you are already in the directory you wish to nuke, you don’t need to exit the directory. Calling nuke without any arguments will nuke the current directory:

$ nuke  # same as "nuke ."

Since nuking is a dangerous operation and you don’t want to inadvertently delete something important, nuke always asks you to confirm the nuking of a directory. If you wish to override this since you know what you are doing or you wish to use nuke in a shell script, you can pass in the -y flag:

$ nuke -y /path/to/dir/

You can also specify a .nukeignore file inside the directory to be nuked. This works similar to the .gitignore file. Every file that matches a pattern in the .nukeignore is ignored and spared from a gruesome fate of its eligible siblings.

For example:


will result in all .py files not being nuked.

Suppose you just want to see what files will be nuked without actually deleting them, you can then run nuke -l /path/to/dir, and this will print out the directory tree of all the files that will be nuked.

Version History


Major bugfix in the .nukeignore functionality. nuke now ignores whole directories if the pattern ends in a slash (/). Also, -l prints out files as a directory tree.


Updated Python Trove Classifiers.


Migrated from clint to click to streamline code. Added -l flag to list files that will be deleted without deleting them.


Added feature to ignore files to nuke based on a .nukeignore file on a per directory level.


Minor bug fixes.


Nuke is out!

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