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nytimesarticle 0.1.0

Fully-functional Python wrapper for the New York Times Article Search API


nytimesarticle is a fully-functional Python wrapper for the New York Times Article Search API.


With pip::

$ pip install nytimesarticle

or easy_install::

$ easy_install nytimesarticle


nytimesarticle requires the `requests <https:"" pypi="" requests="">`_ package.


Simply import and initialize the API with your developer key::

$ from nytimesarticle import articleAPI
$ api = articleAPI('*Your Key*')

And call the 'search' function with your desired search parameters/values::

$ articles = q = 'Obama', fq = {'headline':'Obama', 'source':['Reuters','AP', 'The New York Times']}, begin_date = 20111231, facet_field = ['source','day_of_week'], facet_filter = True )

The search function returns a dictionary of the search results.

You can specify multiple filters by using a dictionary::
fq = {'headline':'Obama', 'source':['Reuters','AP', 'The New York Times']}

And multiple values by using a list::
facet_field = ['source','day_of_week']

More examples::

$ articles = q = 'Obama' )

$ articles = q = 'Obama', begin_date = 20111231, page=2 )

For a complete overview of the available search parameters, please refer to the NYTimes Article Search API `Documentation <http:"" docs="" read="" article_search_api_v2="">`_.  
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