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oauth-dropins 1.11

Drop-in App Engine OAuth client handlers for many popular sites.

This is a collection of drop-in Google App Engine request handlers for the initial OAuth client flows for many popular sites, including Blogger, Dropbox, Facebook, Flickr, Google+, IndieAuth, Instagram, Medium, Twitter, Tumblr, and

Quick start

Here’s a full example of using the Facebook drop-in.

  1. Install oauth-dropins into your App Engine app.
  1. Put your Facebook application’s’s ID and secret in two plain text files in your app’s root directory, facebook_app_id and facebook_app_secret. (If you use git, you’ll probably also want to add them to your .gitignore.)
  1. Create a file with these contents:
from oauth_dropins import facebook
import webapp2

application = webapp2.WSGIApplication([
  1. Add these lines to app.yaml:
- url: /facebook/(start_oauth|oauth_callback)
  script: facebook_oauth.application
  secure: always

Voila! Send your users to /facebook/start_oauth when you want them to connect their Facebook account to your app, and when they’re done, they’ll be redirected to /next?access_token=... in your app.

All of the sites provide the same API. To use a different one, just import the site module you want and follow the same steps. The filenames for app keys and secrets also differ by site; has the full list.

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