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obscure 1.0.1

Stop leaking information by obscuring sequential ID numbers

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# Obscure

Showing a steadly increasing sequence of integer IDs leaks information to customers, competitors, or malicious entities about the number and frequency of customers, inventory, or orders. Some example include:

/customer/123 /order/308

From these, I would conclude that I am only your 123rd customer with the 308th order. How a customer or competitor would feel about this would differ. However, the point is do I really want others to know this information? In addition, by creating another account or order, I can estimate the rate of change within your systems.

This class will help obscure your sequential order by providing a reverseable transformation to your numbers. By using different salts your transformations will be unique. In addition, the class gives some output helpers for hex, base32, and base64. There is one I call ‘tame’ as it removes the letters i and u to elimination some common offensive words.

# Install

By far the simplest method is to use pip:

`console $ pip install obscure `

# Example

`python >>> from obscure import Obscure >>> customer_id = 123 >>> num = Obscure(0x1234) >>> num.transform(customer_id) 249699227 >>> num.transform(249699227) 123 >>> num.encode_hex(customer_id) '0ee21b9b' >>> num.encode_base32(customer_id) 'B3RBXGY' >>> num.decode_base32(num.encode_base32(customer_id)) 123 >>> num.encode_base64(customer_id) 'DuIbmw' >>> num.encode_tame(customer_id) 'JB4XFK5' >>> num.decode_tame(num.encode_tame(customer_id)) 123 `

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