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octoconf 0.2.0

Multi-profile supported, flexible config library


Multi-profile supported, flexible config library for Python 2 & 3.


  • Allow multiple config profiles in one YAML file
  • Allow include multiple YAML files
  • Overridable profile selection from code for special use-cases (e.g. config for testing)
  • Inheritable config profiles, what makes profile merges by dictionaries. (the native YAML bookmarking is also available)
  • Can use variables in the config file


pip install octoconf

Config format

An octoconf config file is pure YAML file with some reserved keywords:

  • USED_CONFIG>: <node_name> in the file root

    you can specify the name of default config profile

  • <INCLUDE: <yml_path(s)> in the file root

    this octoconf file(s) will be included

  • <BASE: <node_name> in the 2nd level

    this will used for making (merge based) inheritance between profiles

The profile nodes should be on 1st level!


  • You can load config from string with loads():
    import octoconf
    config = octoconf.loads(yaml_string)
  • Or directly from StringIO (e.g. from file) with load():
    import octoconf
    with open('config.yml') as fd:
        config = octoconf.load(fd)

Please check the features docs for explain octoconf’s features.

Examples YAML files

USED_CONFIG>: UserConfig
<INCLUDE: vendor.defaults.yml

# This config overrides the production preset (from vendor.defaults.yml file)
  <BASE: ProductionConfig

    TITLE: "Amazing Foobar"

    SQLALCHEMY_DATABASE_URI: "sqlite:///${SERVER}/app.sqlite"

For more examples, please check the examples directory.


Bugs or suggestions? Visit the issue tracker.

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