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odeViz 0.2

This toolbox generates automatically a vtk-visualization for an ode (Open Dynamics Engine) simulation under Python. You only have to define the simulation space and world and forward these entities to the visualization.

odeViz: (or as I use to say: ode - visualization)

0. Contact:

If you change the code, improve this project, fix bugs, or just have comments, feel free to contact me…

André Dietrich:


1. Preface:

I wrote this simple library, because I was fed up with dealing with the visualization for every ode-simulation. All geometrical information are allready within the simulation, so why was it not done automatically.

2. Requirements:

Open Dynamics Engine:

Download the current version, compile it or use binary-packages.


This is the ode-interface for Python, it also contains the xode-project, which enables the definition of ode-simulations with XML. See the ReadMe for further installation information.

Visualization Toolkit (VTK):

Download VTK if you haven’t insalled it yet and compile it with Python support. See also ReadMe for further installation information.


If you are using Linux as I do (Ubuntu), nearly all of these tools and libraries can be installed from precompiled versions. But for xode you will have to download PyODE from

3. Install:

Using pip:

$ pip install odeViz

From a tarball:

$ python install

4. Running the examples:

I put two examples in this project, one ( was taken from the PyODE-tutorial. In fact it is the same, I just removed all OpenGL-functionality. The second example ( shows, how easy it is to define a simulation for ode with an XML document (see test.xml). To run this example you will have to use xode.

For further explanation, have a look at our tutorial at:

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