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odpdown 0.4.1

Generate OpenDocument Presentation (odp) files from markdown

# Generate ODP files from markdown

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## Attributions

Original Markdown Copyright (c) 2004-2005 John Gruber

Myself got kicked into action by seeing and getting terribly envious by
realizing how much of a productivity gain that would be.

## Mission

Have a tool like pandoc, latex beamer etc, that you can write (or
auto-generate) input for within your favourite hacker's editor, and
generate nice-looking slides from. Using your corporation's mandatory,
CI-compliant and lovely-artsy Impress template. Including
syntax-highlighted code snippets of your latest hack, auto-fitted into
the slides.

## Installation

Getting ready should be a simple matter of running

python install

from a terminal.

On Windows, run it via the command prompt (Start ‣ Accessories): install

Alternatively, running `odpdown` directly from the git checkout is
also possible, provided you've installed the prerequisites (most
significantly mistune, lpod, pygments and pillow) manually.

## Tests

Run `tox` to run the test suite.

## Usage

usage: odpdown [-h] [-p PAGE] [-n] [-s HIGHLIGHT_STYLE]
[--break-master [BREAK_MASTER]]
[--content-master [CONTENT_MASTER]]
input_md template_odp output_odp

Convert markdown text into OpenDocument presentations

positional arguments:
input_md Input markdown file
template_odp Input ODP template file
output_odp Output ODP file

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-p PAGE, --page PAGE Append markdown after given page. Negative numbers
count from the end of the slide stack. [Defaults to
-n, --no-autofit Use to disable auto-shrinking font in text boxes, to
fit available space.
Set pygments color style for syntax-highlighting of
code snippets. Available styles in stock pygments are:
"default", "emacs", "friendly", and "colorful".
[Defaults to colorful]
--break-master [BREAK_MASTER]
Use this master page for the 1st level headlines. List
available ones if called with empty or unknown name
--content-master [CONTENT_MASTER]
Use this master page for the 2nd level headlines and
content. List available ones if called with empty or
unknown name

## Example

* Stick your markdown slides into template, use _break_slides_
from the template's master pages for 1st level headings, and
_content_slides_ as the master page for 2nd level headings and content:

odpdown \
--break-master=break_slides --content-master=content_slides \ corp_template.odp out_slides.odp

* Stick a bunch of markdown chapters into template,
after slide 1:

cat | \
odpdown -p 1 - corp_template.odp out_slides.odp

* Stick a bunch of of markdown chapters into existing preso, e.g. to
keep a few hand-crafted slides inbetween:

# intro comes after slide one
odpdown -p 1 hand_crafted.odp out_slides.odp

# deploy comes after architecture slide, which is slide 2 in
# and 2+10 after intro got added
odpdown -p 12 out_slides.odp out_slides2.odp

Have a lot of fun,

-- Thorsten  
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